At this time we would like to draw your attention to your program.   The businesses and individuals listed on this sheet are the 2018-19 Sanborn County 4-H program sponsors. The total $ received from our sponsors over the past year was over $10500.   It is with great appreciation that we recognize these people, as without their support of the 4-H program we would not be able to host quality 4-H programs and we would not be able to have this table full of awards to give to the deserving youth at this ceremony.  When you see these people or patronize their businesses please take the time to thank them for supporting the Sanborn County 4-H Program.


Cloverbuds is the non-competitive, educational program for youth ages five to eight years.

Today we have a token of remembrance of their 2019 4-H year as a Cloverbud and a recognition certificate.    24 Cloverbuds                                                                                                                                           

Town N Kountry Kids 4-H Club:
Kaylee Adams             Whitney Adams          Sury Bechen               Landon Hoffman
Timothy Kelly             Hunter Morris             Cailie Roth                  Adalyn Tucker
Brody Uecker             Aurelia White             Kelly Wilson                                                                                                           

Paige Anderson           Chris Burkel               Tyanne Eddy           Henry Feistner                      
Anna Hunter               Kahle Johnson            Trevor Johnson           Jason Larson             Carson Miller              Ridley Miller              Ezra Schultz               Gavin Scofield        

Union Farmhands:                Wiley Bracha


Sanborn County welcomed 21 new members to the 4-H program this past year.  Each 4-Her must make an application for this first year award pin.  If those members would come forward as their names are called to receive their first year clover pin.

Receiving their FIRST YEAR 4-H award pin are:
Ty Burkel                    Emmitt Feistner          Lainey Goertz             Brooklyn Larson
Avery Miller               Memphis Moody        Cain Zoss                    Tyson Eddy

Members were able to apply for additional years of completion medals based on the criteria outlined for their years in 4-H. 4-Hers submitted an application for the award. Please come forward and be recognized and receive your medals.

BRONZE AWARD ~  2nd year and Beyond 4-H Members:

Alex Anderson            Parker Ettswold          Blake Larson               Myles Larson             Brigitte Roberts          Corey Roberts             Tatiana Roberts             Shiloh Senska             McKenzie Uecker       Cole Wilson                Tyson Eddy                Blake Larson

SILVER AWARD ~  3rd year  and beyond 4-H Members:

Miley Adams              Shay Bechen               Riley Kneen                Luke Larson             Teagen Moody            Sydney Richardson     Cannon Zoss                                      


GOLD AWARD ~ 4th year  & beyond 4-H Members are:

Hope Baysinger          Lane Burkel                Victoria Hoffman       Caleb Kneen             

Bryce Larson              Sutton Senska             Payton Uecker


5TH YEAR 4-H member:

Isaiah Schultz             Delaney Zoss                         


10th YEAR 4-H member:

            Evan Ohlrogge


In 2012, we began a new tradition for our 4-H program by presenting a 4-H Varsity Letter to all 4-H members who have completed 5 years in the 4-H program.  This 4-H Clover emblem can be sewn on jackets, hoodies, and bags and can be used to display the many medals that our 4-Hers receive throughout their years in 4-H.  Receiving their 4-H Varsity Letter tonight are:

Alexander Schelske                                        Received at Shooting Sports:

Amber Schelske                                             Jessie Krueger

Caleb Kneen

Dana Schelske

Dean Hanson

Delaney Zoss

Devyn Brooks

Isaiah Schultz

Trey Moody


4-H Project Medal Requirements:

Members must be at least 3 years in the county program and meet the member requirements. They must also have 2 years of project completion in the project area they are applying for, give a talk or demonstration in the project area (one at county level or 2 at club level),complete judging in the area if available and exhibit in the project area in the current year.

  • Hope Baysinger ~ Health, Judging
  • Xavier Baysinger ~ Sheep
  • Devyn Brooks ~ Shooting Sports
  • Dilyn Brooks ~ Visual Arts
  • Lane Burkel ~ Shooting Sports
  • Alexis Kelly ~ Visual Arts
  • Riley Kneen ~ Shooting Sports
  • Amber Schelske ~ Dairy
  • Sutton Senska ~ Goat, Public Speaking
  • Delaney Zoss ~ Community Service, Judging, Public Speaking


At this time we recognize the Sanborn Co. 4-Hers who participated in the 4-H Rodeo this year.

2019 Participants:    Aubrey Moody, Madi Moody, Mason Moody, Tater Moody, Teya Moody, Trey Moody, Cayden Slykhuis, Layton Zoss

At the State 4-H Rodeo Finals:

· Teya Moody finished in 10th in the average for Sr. Girls Barrels after finishing 11th in the 1st Go and 19th in the 2nd Go. 

· Aubrey Moody finished 9th in the 1st Go for Jr. Girls Goats and 12th in the average for Jr. Girls Goats.

· Trey Moody finished 5th in the 2nd Go for Jr. Boys Breakaway with a time of 3.41 and 8th in the average.

· Cayden Slykhuis and Tater Moody finished 1st in the 2nd Go for Sr. Team Roping and Mason Moody finished 3rd with his partner Tate Johnson.  Both teams went on to place in the average with Cayden and Tater earning 2nd place and Mason and Tate placing 10th.

· Layton Zoss finished 4th in the 1st Go and placed 13th in the average for Jr. Boys Cattle Riding.


The Sanborn County Horse Show was held on June 18th of this year.

All Around Horse Awards

Individual points were tallied from each event to determine the overall high point award recipients in the Beginner, Junior, and Senior divisions.  Each winner will be receiving a gift Certificate from Moody’s Western Wear (Mitchell) and Moody’s Horseshoeing (Letcher)      

  • All Around Senior:  Bailey Feistner
  • All Around Junior:  Avery Miller
  • All Around Beginner:  Cannon Zoss
State 4-H Horse Show Honors Recognize for their accomplishments. 

Bailey Feistner           Horse Individual Demonstration – 1st place Junior (can go to Denver)                              

Avery Miller               Junior Pony/Miniature Horse Western Showmanship – 4th place overall


Each 4-H member will be receiving a hoodie, gift certificate or 4-H Lawn chair.  

Breeding Beef:            Grand Champion:       Megan Linke              (gift card ~ Cabela’s)

                        Reserve Champion:    Teagen Moody

Market Beef:               Grand Champion:       Alexa Goertz              (gift card ~ Runnings)

                        Reserve Champion:    Aubrey Senska                      

Cat:                            Grand Champion:       Bailey Feistner           (gift card ~ Runnings)

                        Reserve Champion:    Avery Miller              

Companion Pet:          Grand Champion:       Bailey Feistner           (gift card ~ Runnings)

                        Reserve Champion:    Miley Adams

Dairy:                          Grand Champion:       Amber Schelske         (gift card ~ TSC)

                        Reserve Champion:    Dana Schelske

Dog:                            Grand Champion:       Avery Miller               (hoodie)

Reserve Champion:    Jessie Krueger 

Breeding Meat Goat:  Grand Champion:       Emmitt Feistner         (gift card ~ Runnings)

                        Reserve Champion:    Delaney Zoss

Market Meat Goat:     Grand Champion:       Sutton Senska             (hoodie)

                        Reserve Champion:    Delaney Zoss                       

Poultry:           Grand Champion Individual Purebred Poultry:  Bailey Feistner     (Runnings)

            Reserve Champion:    Sutton Senska

            Grand Champion Commercial Poultry:  Xavier Baysinger (gift card ~ Runnings)

            Reserve Champion:    Xavier Baysinger

Rabbit:                        Grand Champion:       Tyson Eddy                 (hoodie)

                        Reserve Champion:    Delaney Zoss

Breeding Ewe:            Grand Champion:       Cannon Zoss              (hoodie)         

                        Reserve Champion:    Ellie Evans

Breeding Ram:            Grand Champion:       Bailey Feistner           (gift card ~ Runnings)      

                        Reserve Champion:    Tyson Eddy

Market Sheep:             Grand Champion:       Delaney Zoss              (hoodie)         

                                    Reserve Champion:    Delaney Zoss

Market Swine:            Grand Champion:       Teagen Moody           (gift card ~ Cabela’s)

                        Reserve Champion:    Miley Adams



Grand Champion:

Beginner Showmanship:        Teagen Moody           (gift card ~ Runnings)

            Junior Showmanship:             Alexa Goertz               (gift card ~ Runnings)

            Senior Showmanship:             Nathan Linke             (hoodie)

            Reserve Champion:

            Beginner Showmanship:        Lainey Goertz

            Junior Showmanship:             Aubrey Senska

            Senior Showmanship:             Megan Linke


            Grand Champion:

Beginner Showmanship:        (none)

Junior Showmanship:             Avery Miller               (gift card ~ Runnings)

            Senior Showmanship:             Bailey Feistner           (gift card ~ Runnings)

            Reserve Champion:

            Beginner Showmanship:        (none)

            Junior Showmanship:             (none)

            Senior Showmanship:             (none)


Grand Champion:

Beginner Showmanship:        Miley Adams              (hoodie)

Junior Showmanship:             Lane Burkel               (chair)

            Senior Showmanship:             Bailey Feistner           (gift card ~ Runnings)

            Reserve Champion:

            Beginner Showmanship:        Ty Burkel      

            Junior Showmanship:             (none)

            Senior Showmanship:             (none)


            Grand Champion:

            Beginner Showmanship:        (none)            

            Junior Showmanship:             Alex Schelske             (gift card ~ TSC)

            Senior Showmanship:             Amber Schelske         (gift card ~ Campbell’s)

            Reserve Champion:

            Beginner Showmanship:        (none)

            Junior Showmanship:             (none)

            Senior Showmanship:             Dana Schelske


            Grand Champion:

Beginner Showmanship:        Shay Bechen              (hoodie)

            Junior Showmanship:             Avery Miller               (gift card ~ Runnings

            Senior Showmanship:             (none)


            Reserve Champion:

            Beginner Showmanship:        Miley Adams

            Junior Showmanship:             Jessie Krueger                       

            Senior Showmanship:             Charles Hunter         


               Grand Champion:

            Beginner Showmanship:         Emmitt Feistner         (gift card ~ Runnings)

            Junior Showmanship:             Delaney Zoss              (gift card ~ Runnings)

            Senior Showmanship:             (none)             

            Reserve Champion:

            Beginner Showmanship:        (none)

            Junior Showmanship:             Sutton Senska

            Senior Showmanship:             (none)


Grand Champion:

Beginner Horse Showmanship:          Cannon Zoss              (blue – no award)            

Beginner Pony Showmanship:           Cannon Zoss              (red – no award)

Beginner English Showmanship:       (none)

Junior Horse Showmanship:             Delaney Zoss              (gift card ~ Runnings)

Junior Pony Showmanship:                Avery Miller               (blue – no award)

Junior English Showmanship:            Delaney Zoss              (red – no award)

Senior Horse Showmanship:              Bailey Feistner           (gift card ~ Runnings)

Senior English Showmanship:           Bailey Feistner           (gift card ~ Runnings)

            Reserve Champion:

            Beginner Horse Showmanship:          Averie Turner             (blue – no award)

            Beginner Pony Showmanship:           Emmitt Feistner         (red – no award)

            Junior Horse Showmanship:              Avery Miller               (blue – no award)

            Junior Pony Showmanship:                Delaney Zoss              (red – no award)           

Junior English Showmanship             (none)

Senior Western Showmanship:          (none)


            Grand Champion:

Beginner Showmanship:        Shiloh Senska             (gift card ~ Runnings)

Junior Showmanship:             Sutton Senska             (gift card ~ Runnings)

            Senior Showmanship:             Xavier Baysinger       (gift card ~ Runnings)

            Reserve Champion:

            Beginner Showmanship:        Brooklyn Larson

            Junior Showmanship:             Hope Baysinger

            Senior Showmanship:             Bailey Feistner


            Grand Champion:

            Beginner Showmanship:        Cain Zoss                   (hoodie)

Junior Showmanship:             Delaney Zoss              (hoodie)

Senior Showmanship:             (none)


Reserve Champion:

            Beginner Showmanship:        Cannon Zoss

            Junior Showmanship:             Tyson Eddy

            Senior Showmanship:             (none)



            Grand Champion:

Beginner Showmanship:        Ledoux Bracha          (chair)

            Junior Showmanship:             Delaney Zoss              (gift card ~ Runnings)

            Senior Showmanship:             Bailey Feistner           (gift card ~ Runnings)


            Reserve Champion:

            Beginner Showmanship:        Parker Ettswold

            Junior Showmanship:             Ellie Evans

            Senior Showmanship:             Xavier Baysinger


            Grand Champion:

            Beginner Showmanship:         Teagen Moody           (hoodie)                                 

            Junior Showmanship:             Cooper Goldammer   (hoodie)

            Senior Showmanship:             Chloe Ruml                (hoodie)         

            Reserve Champion:

            Beginner Showmanship:        Memphis Moody

            Junior Showmanship:             Hope Baysinger

            Senior Showmanship:             (none)


            We would like to recognize the livestock rate of gain winners:       

Beef:               Aubrey Senska                      

Meat Goat:    Emmitt Feistner

Sheep:            Hope Baysinger

Swine:            Miley Adams 


New to Achievement Days last year was an ultrasound contest for livestock.  4-Hers were given the option of participating during the weigh-in of livestock on Friday.  The leaders helped by paying for the first animal to be ultrasound per 4-Her.  Animals who were ultrasounded this year included sheep, beef and goat.  Tonight we award the grand champion and reserve champion in each of those areas. The champions will receive a $20 gift card to Runnings and the reserve a $10 gift card.

GOAT:           Grand Champion:       Sutton Senska

                        Reserve Champion:    Delaney Zoss

SHEEP:          Grand Champion:       Cannon Zoss

                        Reserve Champion:    Parker Ettswold

BEEF:            Grand Champion:       Megan Linke

                        Reserve Champion:    Alexa Goertz

SWINE:         Grand Champion:       Miley Adams

                        Reserve Champion:    Emmitt Feistner


These youth participated in the Round Robin Showmanship competition that was held at Achievement Days. Our Reserve Champion show person this year was Xavier Baysinger and Grand Champion show person was Bailey Feistner.  They received plaques at the Achievement Days.  Bailey and Xavier’s names have been placed on this plaque that hangs at the 4-H Building.



Sanborn County received a 1st place in Sheep Herdsmanship at the State Fair.  The State 4-H Office has presented us with a $75 for our 1st place finish.

Acknowledgement of State Fair Livestock Showmanship winners:

Poultry ~

  • 4th place Junior Poultry Showmanship ~ Hope Baysinger             (receiving $10)
  • 3rd Place Senior Poultry Showmanship ~ Xavier Baysinger          (receiving $10)
  • Grand Champion Senior Poultry Showmanship ~ Bailey Feistner (receiving $50)

Companion Animal ~

  • 1st place Overall Junior Kitten/Cat Showmanship ~ Avery Miller
  • 1st place Overall Senior Kitten/Cat Showmanship ~ Bailey Feistner

Teagen Moody received a purple in Beginner Beef Showmanship.

Shay Bechen, Cannon Zoss, Delaney Zoss received purples in Rabbit Showmanship.

Acknowledgement of State Fair Livestock Champion winners:

1st and 2nd place Overall Senior Companion Animal ~ Bailey Feistner

Champion Grade Holstein Cow ~ Dana Schelske

Poultry ~

  • Hope Baysinger         Reserve Champion All Other Combs, Clean Legged Bantam

Reserve Champion Commerical – White Egg Type

  • Xavier Baysinger      Reserve Champion Commercial Poultry

Grand Champion Commercial White Egg Type

Grand Champion Commercial – Any Other Color Egg

Reserve Champion Commercial – Brown Egg Type

  • Bailey Feistner          Reserve Champion Any Other Standard Breed
  • Shiloh Senska            Reserve Champion Commercial – Brown Egg Type

Rabbit ~ Polish Best of Breed ~ Jessie Krueger

Reserve Champion Commercial Meat Type Ewe Breeding Sheep ~ Shiloh Senska


The Central Electric Coop, Mitchell sponsors a monetary award for the top electrical project exhibited at the Sanborn County Achievement Days.  This year our top electrical project will each be receiving a $20.00 check: 

Lane Burkel for his educational display on how to build a radio.


At our County Achievement Days we ask our static judges to pick an exhibit in their project area that they would like to award a “Best of Show” ribbon.  This year our Best of Show winners were:

  • Clothing         Hope Baysinger                      (gift card ~ Runnings)

Ashlee Hanson                        (hoodie)

Westen White                          (gift card ~ Moody’s)

  • Food Preservation ~ Bryce Larson               (gift card ~ Moody’s)
  • Foods & Nutrition ~ Hope Baysinger          (gift card ~ Runnings)

Sydney Richardson     (hoodie)

Taryn Ziebart             (gift card ~ Cabela’s)

  • Home Environment ~ Ellie Evans               (gift card ~ Runnings)

Austin Schmit              (hoodie)

  • Horticulture ~ Megan Linke                         (gift card ~ Cabela’s)
  • Miscellaneous ~ Xavier Baysinger                (gift card ~ Runnings)

   Lane Burkel                         (hoodie)

  • Photography ~ Hope Baysinger                   (gift card ~ Runnings)

                                      Toby Kneen                           (hoodie)

  • Visual Arts ~ Olivia Conrad                         (hoodie)

                                    Blake Larson                          (gift card ~ Runnings)


This is the 24th year for county sweepstakes awards.  Winners are based on total points received for county and State Fair exhibits, along with county and State Fair Youth-in-Action events related to the area applied for.  Tonight to put a new spin on the sweepstakes award, we are going to count down the top 5 individuals in each category.

Agriculture Sweepstakes

The agriculture sweepstakes award includes the project areas of: Automotive, Beef, Cat, Conservation, Dairy Cattle, Dogs, Electricity, Embryology, Energy for Farm, Entomology, Forestry, Geology, Goats, Horse, Pets, Plant Science, Poultry & Eggs, Rabbits, Range Science, Sheep, Soil Conservation, Swine, Veterinary Science, Water Conservation, Welding Science, Wildlife and Wood Science.

In the Senior Ag category, our top 5 seniors are …

  • Earning 32 pts.                        Megan Linke
  • Earning 44 pts.                        Alexis Kelly
  • Earning 74 pts.                        Nathan Linke
  • Earning a whopping 261 pts.  Bailey Feistner

Our Senior Ag Sweepstakes winner earned 286 points by exhibiting in the areas of Poultry & Eggs, Sheep & Wool, Breeding Sheep, Swine, Public Presentation and Round Robin.  Congratulations Xavier Baysinger.            (Traveling Plaque & certificate)

Capturing top 5 honors in the Junior Ag category are…

  • Lane Burkel with 68 pts.
  • Avery Miller with 85 pts.
  • Sutton Senska with a total of 107 pts.
  • Delaney Zoss earning 111 pts.

The Junior Ag Sweepstakes winner who won this award had accomplishments in the areas of Horse & Pony, Poultry & Eggs, Breeding Meat Goat, Breeding & Market Sheep and Swine and has earned 241 points.  Congratulations Hope Baysinger.     (trophy and certificate)

In the Beginners Ag category, the following 4-Hers were in the top 5…

  • Tied with a total of 62 pts. each     Cannon Zoss and Shiloh Senska
  • Earning 65 pts.                        Ty Burkel
  • Earning 69 pts.                        Westen White


Our Beginner Ag Sweepstakes winner earned 138 points by exhibiting in the areas of Goats, Poultry & Eggs, Horse, Breeding Meat Goat and Market Goat and Swine.  The Beginner winner is Emmitt Feistner.      (trophy and certificate)


Family and Consumer Science Sweepstakes

The FCS Sweepstakes includes the projects of Child Development, Clothing, Consumer Education, Food Preservation, Foods & Nutrition, Home Environment, Horticulture and Visual Arts.

Earning top 5 spots in the Senior division are…

  • Emily Ohlrogge with 33 pts.
  • Nathan Linke earning 44 pts.
  • Brady Larson with 45 pts.
  • Megan Linke with a total of 90 pts.

Our Senior FCS Sweepstakes winner has exhibited in the areas of Clothing, Fashion Revue, Food Preservation, Foods & Nutrition, Home Environment, Horticulture and Visual Arts and has earned 136 points.  Congratulations Alexis Kelly.        (Traveling Plaque & certificate)

Earning top honors in the Junior division are…

  • Tied with a total of 62 pts. each are Sydney Richardson and Caleb Kneen.
  • Sliding in with a total of 64 pts. in Lane Burkel.
  • Presenting with an awesome total of 81 pts. is Victoria Hoffman.

This year’s Junior FCS Sweepstakes recipient earned a total of 184 points in the areas of Child Development, Clothing, Fashion Revue, Foods & Nutrition, Home Environment, Horticulture, Special Foods and Visual Arts.  The Junior winner is Hope Baysinger.  (trophy & certificate)

Our top 5 Beginners in the FCS category are…

  • With 82 pts.                Memphis Moody
  • With 87 pts.                Miley Adams
  • Earning 102 pts.          McKenzie Uecker
  • Earning 141 pts.          Sophie Kelly

Our Beginner Family and Consumer Science Sweepstakes winner exhibited in the areas of Clothing, Fashion Revue, Food Preservation, Foods & Nutrition, Home Environment, Visual Arts and Special Foods and has earned 183 points.  The Beginner winner is Brooklyn Larson.  (trophy and certificate.)

Personal Development Sweepstakes

Projects included in the Personal Development Sweepstakes award area are: Aerospace & Rocketry, Bicycle, Character Education, Citizenship, Communications, Computers, Cultural Education, Drama, Economics, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, First Aid, Fitness & Sports, Geology & Minerals, Geospatial, Graphic Design, Health, Hobbies & Collections, Leadership Skills, Recreation, Music/Dance, Photography, Physics, Robotics, Safety, Service Learning, Videography, Career Exploration, Writing and Public Speaking.

Achieving the position of top 5 in the Senior division are…

  • Harley Kneen and Alexis Kelly with a tie of 23 pts. each
  • Dilyn Brooks with a total of 28 pts.
  • Megan Linke with a total of 49 pts.

In Senior Personal Development Sweepstakes our winner earned a total of 53 points exhibiting in the area of Photography.            Congratulations Emily Ohlrogge.    (Traveling Plaque and Certificate)

Starting out our top 5 winners in the Junior category are…

  • Sydney Richardson with 20 pts.
  • Dean Hanson with 24 pts.
  • Acaiya Schultz with a total of 68 pts.
  • Hope Baysinger with a total of 80 pts.

Our Junior Personal Development Sweepstakes recipient earned 103 points and exhibited in the areas of Computers & Technology, Hobbies & Collections, Photography, Shooting Sports, Writing & Public Speaking and Public Presentations.  The Junior winner is Lane Burkel.    (trophy and certificate

Leading the pack for our Beginner 4-Hers are…

  • A three way tie for the 5th place with 12 pts. Brooklyn Larson, Memphis Moody and McKenzie Uecker
  • With 17 pts.                            Sophie Kelly
  • Earning a total of 20 pts.        Myles Larson

Our Beginner Personal Development Sweepstakes winner earned 25 points by exhibiting in the areas of Computers & Technology, Hobbies & Collection, Shooting Sports and Writing and Public Speaking.  The Beginner winner is Ty Burkel.      (trophy and certificate)


At this time we would like to recognize our Youth-In Action participants and winners.


Certificates of Recognition will be given to 4-Hers who judged at State Fair this year.

Sophie Kelly ~ Beginner Consumer Decision Making and Horticulture Skill-a-thon

Brooklyn Larson ~ Beginner Consumer Decision Making and Horticulture Skill-a-thon

Shiloh Senska ~ Beginner Consumer Decision Making and Poultry Judging

McKenzie Uecker ~ Beginner Consumer Decision Making and Horticulture Skill-a-thon

Hope Baysinger ~ Junior Consumer Decision Making, Horticulture Skill-a-thon and Poultry


Lane Burkel ~ Junior Consumer Decision Making

Victoria Hoffman ~ Junior Consumer Decision Making and Horticulture Skill-a-thon

Sutton Senska ~ Junior Consumer Decision Making and Poultry Judging

Payton Uecker ~ Junior Consumer Decision Making and Horticulture Skill-a-thon

Delaney Zoss ~ Junior Horticulture Skill-a-thon

Xavier Baysinger ~ Senior Poultry Judging

Bailey Feistner ~ Senior Horse Judging and Poultry Judging

Alexis Kelly ~ Senior Consumer Decision Making and Horticulture Skill-a-thon

Brady Larson ~ Senior Consumer Decision Making

Nick Snedeker ~ Senior Consumer Decision Making

Top Individual Judging Results

Poultry Judging:

  • Beginner Poultry Judging:  Shiloh Senska – Grand Champion Beginner
  • Junior Poultry Judging:  Hope Baysinger, Sutton Senska
  • Senior Poultry Judging:  Xavier Baysinger – 5th place, Bailey Feistner – 4th place

4-H PRESENTATIONS   (Purples at State Fair and State Horse Show)

This year we had 17 4-Hers participate in the State Fair Public Presentations and at the State Horse Show.  In recognition of the purple ribbon Public Presentations, we present $10.00 cash to:

Hope Baysinger ~ “If You Love Me Let Me Sleep”

Xavier Baysinger ~ “Wool You Use My Fleece”

Lane Burkel ~ “Shooting Sports”                 

Bailey Feistner ~ “Rodeo Queen”     (2 talks)

                        ~ (State Horse Show) – 1st place 

** Bailey Feistner has been asked to present her talk at the Denver Stock Show

Erica Howard ~ “For the Love of the Children”

Brady Larson and Megan Linke ~ “Is It Worth It?”

Brooklyn Larson ~ “Fire Smarts”

Bryce Larson ~ “Cyber bullying… it has to STOP”

Nathan Linke ~ “The 4-H Effect”

Emily Ohlrogge ~ “Maintenance is Key”

Acaiya Schultz ~ “A Kid’s Worst Nightmare… the book report”
Shiloh Senska ~ “Olde English Babydolls”

Sutton Senska ~ “Meat Goats”

McKenzie Uecker ~ “Camping Safety”

Payton Uecker ~ “Sportsmanship”

Delaney Zoss ~ “4-H and Leadership”


(Presenter: Paula Linke)         

Those who participated in 4-H County Public Presentations Contest will be recognized at this time:       

Hope Baysinger, Xavier Baysinger, Lane Burkel, Ty Burkel, Bailey Feistner,

Blake Howard, Erica Howard, Brady Larson, Brooklyn Larson, Bryce Larson,

Luke Larson, Megan Linke, Nathan Linke, Emily Ohlrogge, Acaiya Schultz,

Shiloh Senska, Sutton Senska, McKenzie Uecker, Payton Uecker, Delaney Zoss



This year we had six 4-Hers participate in the State Fair Special Foods Contest.  We present $10 cash to recognize those receiving purples at the State Fair.

Hope Baysinger, Shay Bechen, Lane Burkel, Isaiah Schultz



(Presenter: Lisa Snedeker)    

At this time, we would like to recognize our 4-H members who participated in the County Special Foods Contest. 

Hope Baysinger, Shay Bechen, Lane Burkel, Victoria Hoffman, Brooklyn Larson,

Memphis Moody, Elisha Schultz, Isaiah Schultz, Cole Wilson

FASHION REVUE CONTEST   (Purple at State Fair)

This year we had seven 4-Hers participate in the State Fair Fashion Revue Contest and they showed a total of 12 different outfits.  We present $10 cash to recognize those receiving purples at the State Fair.

Hope Baysinger (2), Lane Burkel, Ty Burkel (2), Bailey Feistner,

Ashlee Hanson, Sophie Kelly (2)



At this time, we would like to recognize our 4-H members who participated in the County Fashion Revue Contest

Miley Adams, Hope Baysinger (4), Lane Burkel (2), Ty Burkel (2), Bailey Feistner, Ashlee Hanson, Victoria Hoffman, Alexis Kelly (4), Sophie Kelly (3), Brooklyn Larson

Cloverbuds:  Kaylee Adams, Anna Hunter (2)     


(Presenter:  Mark Snedeker)

The Sanborn County Conservation District is again sponsoring awards to 4-Hers who exhibited in the 4-H Conservation project at Achievement Days.  This year’s recipients are:

  • Luke Larson and Blake Larson for their range and pasture collection books.



The County has two special awards that are available for 4-H members who have been a member for four years or more.  They are the County 4-H Citizenship Award and County 4-H Leadership Award. 

To qualify for the Citizenship Award, the 4-H member must:

  • serve as an active member of a committee for 3 to 6 months;
  • plan, organize and implement a citizenship activity for multiple 4-H clubs and/or the county;
  • present an educational public presentation on flag etiquette, the U.S. Constitution, a patriotic program, or an American history topic for a 4-H club, wrote an editorial on the same topic for the local newspaper, or presented a program to another youth group;
  • Identified a charity or community need and worked with others to organize efforts to help meet the need.
  • Studied current events and expressed opinions to decision makers at the local, state, or national level.

Tonight, we are pleased to recognize a 4-H member who has met these requirements and will be receiving her County 4-H Citizenship Awards.

Megan Linke

To qualify for the Leadership Award, a 4-H member must:

  • Assist the Extension education with planning, preparing, and implementing a county event;
  • Write or arrange for a newspaper/magazine feature article with a photograph about 4-H at the local club, county, or multi-county area and has submitted it to the local newspaper in the area for publishing.
  • Has attended and participated in a county or state event or activity and has shared the knowledge received by presenting a workshop to 4-H club(s) and/or county members.
  • Has planned and conducted officer training for a 4-H club or the county;
  • Has helped or assisted to plan and implement community or county 4-H promotion campaign(s).

Tonight we recognize two 4-H members who have met these requirements.  Receiving their County   4-H Leadership Awards are Xavier Baysinger and Nathan Linke.


The 4-H Key Award Medal is the most prestigious award a 4-H member may receive.  It is a special award given to a 4-H member who has received their County 4-H Citizenship Medal and 4-H Leadership Medal, conducted three different workshops to 4-H clubs, provided leadership at 3 county or state events/activities, and wrote a letter to the editor explaining how the South Dakota 4-H Youth Development Program has impacted their life.  Members must fill out an application form and may only receive it once.  Receiving this special award tonight is Nathan Linke.


Tonight we are happy to announce that we have three recipients of our scholarships this year.

Nick Snedeker, who is attending Mitchell Tech... $50

Sawyer Senska, who is attending Black Hills State University in Spearfish… $100

Spens Schlicht, who is attending Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell… $150


The following 4-H members are graduating from the Sanborn County 4-H Program this year:

Austin Schmit ~ Union Farmhands

Cole Moody ~ Independent

Erica Howard ~ Independent

Nathan Linke ~ Town N Kountry Kids ~ Red Group

Nick Snedeker ~ Town N Kountry Kids ~ Red Group

Sawyer Senska ~ Union Farmhands

Spens Schlicht ~ Town N Kountry Kids ~ Red Group

They are being presented with a graduation certificate and a flash drive sponsored by Sanborn County 4-H Leaders.  Their names will also be placed on the graduating 4-H member plaque on display here in the 4-H Building.


Gold Seals will be presented to those clubs who have achieved the following goals: The gold seal has been put in club packet.

  • Is a standard 4-H Club with 5 or more members?
  • Holds at least six meetings in a year.
  • All members show results of project accomplishment.
  • Club members present demonstrations or talks and do judging on the local club level.
  • Have at least 75% of the members qualify for a participation certificate.

Clubs receiving their gold seal include:        

Town N Kountry Kids ~ Blue Group (33 + 11 CB)

                        Janet Maeschen                      Roxann Larson                       Jerilyn Moody

                        Stacy Zoss                              Ashly Uecker                          Steve Zoss

                        Brooke King                           Velma Kneen                          Riley Zoss


Town N Kountry Kids ~ Red Group (36 + 12 CB)                       

Paula Linke                             Jennifer Sandness

Lisa Snedeker                         Sarah Burkel


We would also like to recognize all the Sanborn County 4-H Clubs and their leaders for their hard work and dedication this past year.

Union Farmhands (12 + 1 CB)

                        Ivy Senska


Sanborn County Shooting Sports (30)

                        Art & Audrey Kneen

                        Robert Kneen

                        Daniel Kneen

                        Eric & Tammy Kneen

                        Henry, Paula and Jonathan Linke

                        Brian Pauly

                        Jeff Hagman

                        Joel Rassel

                        Mark & Kate Schelske

            Eric Christensen


To commemorate their years of service to the 4-H program: we would like to recognize the following individuals with their leaders pin and certificate.   

            5 year Leader Certificate & Pin:                Jerilyn Moody

                                                                                    Brian Pauly

                                                                                    Ivy Senska


            35 year Leader Certificate:                         Janet Maeschen



The selection for the “Outstanding Contribution to 4-H Award” has been very dedicated and supportive of the Sanborn County 4-H Program.                   

Vickie Hines

**SPECIAL NOTE - To qualify for county sponsored awards, 4-H members must submit a completed 4-H Record Book by October 1.


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